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As I write software I will post it here for download. The Links section contains references to software that other people have written for the USB DMX interface. If you have written software please let me know and I will include a link.


I am currently working on a fully featured lighting control application to run under Mac OSX. The software is being written with the LightsOn lighting framework behind it.

I have set up a Wiki specifically for Chameleon where you can download the latest pre-release version, and read the on-line manual.

Preset Desk (updated 16th June 2005)

Whilst starting learning about cocoa's Application Development Kit I have built a simple preset lighting desk application.

Updated You are now able to customise the dimmer curve profile for each channel.

So as not to make this a very long page I have created a new page specifialy for the preset desk application.

Test Application

This is the test application, and in fact my first GUI app, that I used whilst writing the firmware. It allows you to send commands to the interface and view the responses. This is a handy tool to verify the correct operation of your interface once you have built it.

For non apple users I have also posted the source as a gzipped tar file. Although its unlikley you will be able to compile it, you will be able to view it and hopefully use it help build your own software. HWInterface.* will be the main files of interest, as they implement the USB DMX Interface Protocol.

usbdmxtester.dmg (128KB)

usbdmxtester_source.dmg (144KB)

usbdmxtester_source.tgz (76KB)

Firmware Updater

This application checks which version of the firmware the USB DMX interface has installed (if any), and allows you to update it to a new version. There is an OSX version, and a Windows version available. If you are interested in writing one for a different O/S please email me.

usbdmxupdater.dmg (192KB) : Version 1.4 (17/02/2009) [No drivers need to be installed for this updater] (1.9M) [Please note this updater requires that the D2XX drivers are installed].

James Uppington, (the author of the Windows firmware updater) has his own page about it here.

Firmware : Version 1.5

This version adds a number of new commands, see the Building Forum for more details.

This version of the firmware is only licensed for non commercial use. That is you may use it in education, charity or for private use (inc software development and testing). If you are going to make money from using the interface, then you need a commercial license and must contact me.

You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the firmware, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law notwithstanding this limitation.

You may not sell, rent, lease, sub-lease or incorporate the whole or any part of the use of the firmware in any other program or system without express written agreement.

This firmware file will only work with the Firmware Updater applications above. If you are programming the USB DMX interface for the first time you will need to program the PIC microprocessor with the bootloader code first.

usbdmx_1_5.fw (4KB)


If you are programming your own microprocessor, this is the booloader hex file you need. Once this has been programmed the Firmware Updater application will be able to load the required firmware file into the microprocessor.

bootloader.hex (4KB)