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Applications, with support for this interface

Aurora Light Controller
Aurora Light Controller is a theater-oriented lighting controller. It is built around cues and conventional fixtures.

It currently supports the controller, but is designed to support additional controllers. The program is written in Java in an object-oriented fashion.

DMX Concole
Part of the DMX LightShow family - a program designed to run DMX controller equipment such as theatre or stage lighting, DJ lights, etc..

DMXconsole is a program designed to function like a standard DMX lighting console. It has a fixed number of channels and scenes - the actual number depends on the licence purchased. Licences are available for 16, 24, 32, 48 and 64 channel versions of the console.

DMX Desk 9
This is the original DMX Desk 9 written by Kristof Nys for his DMX 512 Printerport Interface.

Its been recompiled to work with the USB DMX Interface. This application requires the D2XX drivers to be installed, not the VCP ones.

Windows interface tester. Like the Mac I wrote (Downloadable from the Software section). This little application allows you to send all the possible commands the interface and check out the responses. Great to use if you have just build the interface and want to make sure it all works.
FreeStyler 2.8
FreeStyler is software running on Windows 98/2000 and XP systems. The software controls all DMX512 equipment like scans, movingheads, dimmers... FreeStyler is compatible with many free DMX interfaces that can be found on the internet, therefore the number of users keeps on growing rapidly.
Laser Sim
Laser Sim is a Java application that accepts control from any DMX lighting desk, and outputs to a video projector. It simulates a laser by projecting beams of light via the projector.

Read what Landy says about it in his Forum Post

LightFactory 2.0
Lightfactory is a unique PC based lighting control system. Offering a no compromise approach of traditional dimmer control and fully featured moving light support. LightFactory was designed with the idea that every lighting engineer, operator or designer could own their own control desk. One desk they are completely familiar with, one desk that works for every situation and one desk they can rely on every time. Most PC based control systems focus on moving light support but lack the many features that make traditional lighting desks standout. Lightfactory closes that gap.
24 Channel Lighting Desk for Windows XP Read what James says about it in his Forum Post
12 channel Lighting control for Mac OS X. Read what Mike says about it in his Forum Post
MagicQ PC
Chamsys MagicQ PC software is a free download, and is the same as that running on thier consoles and supports features like, on screen preview of thumbnails from media servers, bit map editor for matrix displays, 6 universe outputs (12 on console), full cue stack interface with industry common commands, 212 playbacks, effect generator... etc.

Runs virtually any DMX controllable fixture with an easy to learn, easy to use interface.

Applications (Currently adding support)

There are lots of lighting applications out there, this is a list of the ones that I know are currently adding support for the USB DMX interface.

DMX Show Control Software
Windows based software for control of any DMX-equipment.


DMX Projects
Details of my other DMX projects.

DMX512 PAGE FROM Ujjal...details of DMX512
Nice site with full details of the DMX protocol. This is one of the sites that really helped me in the early day of designing DMX firmware.

Henne's Sites
A site with some nice AVR based DMX designs, including dimmer pack, switch pack, and LED controller.

The anatomy of DMX512
Another good site with details of the DMX512 protocol


Blue Room technical forum
A great forum to discuss lighting, sound and all things technical.

USB-Software Index
This site is dedicated to bring you up-to-date information about USB Device Classes, Embedded USB Software & USB Software, their modules and their products.

Cheap PCB Prototypes, and PIC programmers etc.
Performance lighting links

The Show Control Mailing List
The Show Control mailing list is for the discussion of all aspects of show control, including (but not limited to) design, construction, operation and maintenance of computers, lighting, rigging, networks, sound and special effects, as well as projection, video control, stage management, electronic design, and show production as it specifically relates to show control.

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