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Chameleon is an OSX Lighting Application for use with the following interfaces :

The Enttec Pro interface requires the FTDI VCP Drivers which you must install. From version 1.0d87 the USBDMX Interface does not require any drivers to be installed.

These wiki pages are here as an online manual for the application.

Please feel free to edit any of these pages, making them clearer, correcting mistakes! etc. You will need to register on the site before you can make updates, but this in not a complex process.


Chameleon is an application that I am currently in the process of writing. Its serving several purposes :

  1. To help test and shape LightsOn

  2. To provide a good OSX lighting application for the USB DMX Interface

My hope is that by spending time listening to users and building the application from the ground up I will be able to produce an application that professionals would be happy to use to run a show.


Chameleon is provided as a binary download only without source code. Its currently in a pre release state, but does now have the basics to be able to control Channels, Scenes and Chases. I will be updating the download version as and when I get chance so you can see my progress.

The current download is version number 1.0d98 (28th April 2009)

Please read the release notes and the online manual to see the current capabilities of the Application. Also possibly worth reading some of my general rambleings.

Please also use the email link at the bottom right of this page to let me have any feedback and requirements / ideas. When giving feedback / bug reports please make sure you also include the version number.