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LightsOn is an open source project to create a fully featured coca Framework for OSX.

These wiki pages are here to ultimately document the project, and in the mean time help us decide exactly what its going to do.

Please feel free to edit any of these pages, adding requirements, correcting mistakes! etc. You will need to register on the site before you can make updates, but this in not a complex process.

Wiki pages let you edit them (click the edit link top right). You might want to have a play in the wiki sandbox first to make sure your happy with editing etc. Do have a read of the DocumentationIndex, especially the basic editing functions.


This project is to create a framework that handles all the hard work of creating an efficient and robust lighting application. It leaves the developers of the applications free to concentrate on the user interaction without worrying about the underlying code.

If you are looking for a ready built lighting application for OSX then you should take a look at Chameleon, it's built using LightsOn.

LightsOn currently supports the USBDMX.COM Interface, and the EnttecPro Interface.

API Documentation

The source code is documented using Doxygen, and you can view the recent Change History logs from SVN, you can also subscribe to email updates for changes.

Whilst the API documentation is always upto-date the rest of the documentation has fallen some way behind. If anybody can spare some time to update it, then please let me know.


This is a generic list of items that need defining and building, please feel free to add to this list, or add to the detail of any of the existing items.

Work In progress (i.e. part done)


There is a more specific To Do list containing things that people are actually working on at the moment.


The latest compiled version of the LightsOn Framework is LightsOn.1.0d187.dmg.

The source code is freely available for this project and is likely to be more current that the compiled download. Please see Obtaining the source code for details on how to download the code.

Mailing lists

There are currently 2 active mailing lists :-