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Manual: OutputDisplay

Output Display

Whilst running a show it nice to be able to see what the channels are doing. The output display allows you to view each Chameleon channel, and see exactly what its doing.

There are still a number of additional things ToDo? with the Output Display.

Open the Output Display window

You do this by selecting Output Display -> Channels from the Window menu. The Output Display window allows you to see all the channels that are currently configured (patched).

The window will open with a size and shape most appropriate to the number of channels. If you resize the window the channel display objects will reflow to take up the new shape.

Channel Output Display
Channel Output Display

Interpreting the displayed data

The small number above the line is the chameleon channel number. the larger number is the current DMX value of the channel. This value will be between 0 and 255.

The channel display object can be a number of different colours. The different colours help you identify how the channel has been set to this value.

Key 1
Key 1

In the above example the channels values have been set by :

Key 2
Key 2

And in this second example, all the channels are dark because, either :

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