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Faders are on screen representations of physical faders. A fader is used to set the intensity of a channel, or the intensity of a scene or a chase.

Faders are grouped together in banks of 8 faders. In the case where all 8 faders do not exist the remaining faders will be grayed out.

Open a fader bank

To open a bank of faders select Banks from the Window menu. This will then show a sub menu with the options of either channels, scenes or chases. Each will have a further sub menu containing all the possible fader banks.

Channel Fader Bank
Channel Fader Bank

The Master Bank

To open the Master Bank of faders select Banks from the Window menu, then select Master.

The master bank currently haas 2 faders in it, Grab, and Grand Master.

Master Fader Bank
Master Fader Bank

It is part of my To Do list to add channel, scene, and chase faders also.

The Grab Fader

The grab fader is a special fader that allows you to adjust Tier 1 captured channels values. Whenever a new set of channels become captured at tier 1 by the CommandLine the value of this fader updates itself to the captured channels value.

Moving the fader updates the captured values. In the event that not all tier 1 captured channels are the same value, then moving the fader will update them all to the new fader value.

If your using the BCF2000 Fader unit, the encoder wheel above the grab fader can also be used to make fine adjustment. This also has the advantage the values are incrementally adjusted on each channel, so any differences in value will remain, unlike moving the fader.

The Grand Master

The Grand Master fader is a master for all intensity channels. Reducing the value of the grand master, will scale down the overall intensity of every channel at the same time.

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