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ToDo: ChannelConfiguration

Channel Configuration - ToDo

I have implemented what I feel was needed to be able to start using the application so far. See the Channel Configuration manual page for details.

However there are a number of additional features that would be of benefit to be implemented. I'm not sure of what the priority of some of these features would be either in relation to each other, or the rest of the application. My feeling is some of them would be quite low down the list.

If you think of anything else that should be implemented with respect to Channel Configuration, or wish to comment on the priorities then please email me using the link on the bottom right of the page.

Multiple Outputs per Channel

Allow additional outputs on the USB DMX Interfaces to patched to a channel, so that a single channel may output to a number of different DMX channels. They could be on different Interfaces.

Dimmer Curves

Allow a dimmer curve, or multiple dimmer curves, to be assigned to a channel. A Dimmer Curve allows you to scale the output so that the brightness of a dimmer is made more linear throughout its range.

Editing Patched Channels

The ability to change the patching of channels to different interfaces, and or different DMX channels on interfaces.

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