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Version Number

The version number for Chameleon follows the Apple version number scheme. They are in the following format :

n.nn[.nnn][x][nnnn] with the following meaning

  • n Major Version Number

  • nn Minor Version Number

  • nnn Bug fix release for the Minor Version

  • x Denoting the stage of development

    • d Development
    • a Alpha Testing
    • b Beta Testing
    • f Final Release Candidate

  • nnnn Build number.

Its very likely that the build number will be incremented a significant number of times between posted releases. This is because of the number of different released builds used for internal testing.

If the Bug fix version is 0 then it is omitted.


1.0 First Released Version

1.1 First Revision

1.1.1 First Bug Fix to First Revision

1.0d1 First Version during development

1.0a45 First Version during initial alpha testing

2.0 First Major Revision Released

Viewing the Version number

To view the current version number of Chameleon select 'About Chameleon' from the Chameleon menu. Always include this number when sending feedback or bug reports.