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authors (intermediate) This page describes the "variables" that are associated with pages. Page variables have the form {$variable}, and can be used in page markup or in certain formatting strings in PmWiki. For example, the markup "{$Group}" renders in this page as "PmWiki".

Note that these variables do not necessarily exist in the PHP code, because they have to be determined for a specific page. (However, they are usable in FmtPageName strings.)

There is also the form {pagename$variable}, which returns the value of the variable for another page. For example, "{MarkupMasterIndex$Title}" displays as "Markup Master Index".

The page variables defined for PmWiki are:

{$Group} - page's group name, as in "PmWiki"
{$Groupspaced} - spaced group name, as in "Pm Wiki"
{$DefaultGroup} - default group name, as in "Main"
{$SiteGroup} - default group name for e.g. RecentChanges, as in "Site"
{$Name} - page name, as in "PageVariables"
{$Namespaced} - spaced page name, as in "Page Variables"
{$DefaultName} - name of default page, as in "HomePage"
{$FullName} - page's full name, as in "PmWiki.PageVariables"
{$Title} - page title (may differ from Name), as in "PageVariables"
{$Titlespaced} - title/spaced page name, as in "Page Variables"
{$Description} - page's description from the (:description:) markup
{$LastModified} - date page was edited, as in "March 07, 2006, at 03:23 AM"
{$LastModifiedBy} - page's last editor, as in "HaganFox"
{$LastModifiedHost} - IP of page's last editor, as in ""
{$PageUrl} - page's url, as in ""

In addition to the above, there are some page-invariant variables available through this markup:

{$Author} - the name of the person currently interacting with the site, as in ""
{$AuthId} - current authenticated id, as in ""
{$Version} - PmWiki version, as in "pmwiki-2.2.116"
{$VersionNum} - The internal version number, as in "2002116"
{$ScriptUrl} - The url to the pmwiki script

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