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You may have many documents that you would like to use a local program to format in a format PmWiki can display.

You could open each document and copy/paste the content to new pmwiki pages or you could format the document in advance and upload it using a FTP client.

Only two lines are necessary in a PmWiki page file:

version=pmwiki-2.1.0 urlencoded=1
text=Markup text

The first line tells PmWiki that the values are urlencoded. The actual value of the "version=" parameter doesn't matter, as long as "urlencoded=1" appears somewhere in the line. The markup text needs to have newlines converted to "%0a" and percent signs converted to "%25".

Keys you could see in a raw PmWiki file:

Version of PmWiki used to create the file More??? (ordered, urlencoded)
Author's browser when saving the page
Last author to save page
Change summary
Page creation time
Host created this page
Name of the page (e.g., Main.WikiSandbox)
Number of times the page has been edited
Targets for links in the page
The page's wiki markup
Time the page was last saved (seconds since 1 Jan 1970 00:00 UTC)
Page title set via (:title The Page Title:).
Character used for newlines (deprecated)

Below these you will see information used to keep track of the page's revision history.

Creating a Page for Distribution

A simple way to create a wikipage file to for distribution (for example with a recipe or a skin) is to create the page with PmWiki and then use a text editor to delete all lines but version, text, and ctime. Example:

version=pmwiki-2.1.0 ordered=1 urlencoded=1
text=This is a line.%0aThis is another.


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