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A channel, well actually a soft channel (see Soft Patching for physical channels) has a number of attributes associated with it :-

The channel manager holds 1 or more soft patch objects. Each soft patch object is able to update 1 or more physical channels via a hardware bridge.

The actual data however comes from one or more objects conforming to the Channel Provider protocol. When a channel needs to be updated the channel manager is passed a message from the relevant provider. It is then able to check the new value against a set of rules ( HTP / LTP) and update the output accordingly.

The Channel Manager object will have a master fader value which will proportionally reduce the value of each intensity channel. It will also control the overall blackout of all hw bridges.

There will be a number of different types of Channel Provider, for example :-

  • Directly (preset style), including via a Fixture preset
  • Via a scene / stack controller
  • Via the Shape generator