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Movement attribute

A movement attribute is based on a Proportional Attribute with 3 new elements. The first of the elements allows the application to know what type of movement is being performed. The possible types are :

  • "mirror pan"
  • "mirror tilt"
  • "mirror rotate"
  • "head pan"
  • "head tilt"

The other new attributes are optional and allow the degree of movement and the speed of movement to be entered. This information can be useful for the Shape Generator?, when matching several heads that move at a different speed for instance.

The XML definition for a 16 bit movement attribute is :

<attribute name="name" type="movement">
 <resolution bits="16">
    <range base="start" offset="3" type="proportional" start="0" end="255"/>
    <range base="start" offset="4" type="proportional" start="0" end="255"/>
 <movement type="head pan">
  <distance unit="degree">
  <speed unit="millisecond">

Obviously you can also have 8 bit resolution movement attributes, which would be defined as in a Proportional Attribute .