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FixtureDefinition: ColorMixAttribute

Color Mix Attribute

A color mix attribute is based on a Proportional Attribute, however is defines 3 sets of proportional channels (each can be 8 or 16 bit). Also defined is a new element to describe the type of color mixing. This can be one of the following :-

The XML definition for an 8 bit color mix attribute is :

<attribute name="name" type="color mix">
 <resolution bits="8" name="cyan">
   <range base="start" offset="3" type="proportional" start="0" end="255"/>
 <resolution bits="8" name="magenta">
   <range base="start" offset="4" type="proportional" start="0" end="255"/>
 <resolution bits="8" name="green">
   <range base="start" offset="5" type="proportional" start="0" end="255"/>
 <colormix type="CMY"/>

The colour mix could also be 16 bit resolution, which would be defined as in a Proportional Attribute .

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