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OK, this page is where you can stick suggestions of features to implement in the command line control of LightsOn.

We received a couple via the mailing list this morning so I'll stick them in to start us off.

  • 'Highlight' (this is what the Hog II calls it) set the selected fixture(s) to open white. This is very useful when focusing several movers to one area with a dense gobo or a deep blue. By selecting one light and pressing highlight the light goes to FL and open white so that it can be focused then pressing the '+' button moves to the next light and returns the first light to its previous state.
  • 'Dimmer' used to select a specific dimmer either to patch to a channel or to bring up (normally to full) a dimmer regardless of patch. This allows you to step through dimmers to figure out what dimmer a light is really plugged into when someone gives you the wrong number. This one is rather conventional light specific but we can't forget about those lights in our efforts to handle movers.

Thanks to Mike Swan for these two.

I'll be creating a new page for explanation of how we might implement these ideas, but for now, I need some food ;-)

James Uppington